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Built-in Augmented Reality Viewer.

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View in your space


Web-based world tracker.

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Target tracker.

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What is AR?

WebAR (Web Augmented Reality) is a digital technology that lets you share AR experiences with nothing but a link or QR code - no downloads or apps required. With the help of BETTAR, you will reach your audience through a new and engaging experience.

WebAR can be launched from a link or it can be embedded in your site. Either way, WebAR increases retention and conversion.

Augmented reality items and filters frequently go viral and since it requires no downloads, it can be easily shared on social media.

Not only do your customers love what they see, but they also associate that entertainment with your brand.

Why BettAR

We support all major browsers so your customers never need to download anything.

Our proprietary technology achieves speeds of over 60 frames per second.

The superior performance allows our customers to display extremely complex 3D assets.

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